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Our cuisine

Moroccan cooking is rightly considered to be one of the best in the world.

Hotel Riad Layalina Fes, Pool & Parking, Car Parking Ain Azliten, 10 Derb El Miter, Fes 30000, MoroccoMoroccan cooking is one of the most sensual in the world: it appeals to the senses of smell, sight and taste.

While Moroccan gastronomy exudes rich aromas, Algerian dishes are less spicy; the Tunisians, on the other hand, make lavish use of chili pepper, and their well-seasoned recipes are unique.

The North African countries have common themes running through their culinary tastes: slow-cooked tajines; lamb; chicken, fish; slow-cooked vegetables; rich, sweet cakes.

North African cuisine is full of contrasts, born of the diversity of the countryside, and the different ways of life between the nomadic tribes and the town-dwellers. It has as many slow-cooked hotpots or char-grilled meat and vegetables as sophisticated tarts. All those dishes work together happily to produce a most appetising menu.

There is something in Moroccan cuisine which answers the essential question : what is that taste? First of all, it’s visual (you look at the dish); then the aroma (you smell it) then the feel (you test it with a fork, you turn it over in your plate). Then at last, you taste it. You can pick out crispness in the tender parts, bitterness in the sweet, liquorice in the savoury . . . playing with colours, flavours, mixing the textures – Moroccan cooking, above all, is an invitation to all the senses.

A culinary escape to the riad

Our cook will prepare the best local and Moroccan specialities for you:
Hotel Riad Layalina Fes, Pool & Parking, Car Parking Ain Azliten, 10 Derb El Miter, Fes 30000, Morocco

  • Couscous (best couscous in Fez)
  • Tajine (traditional casserole)
  • Fish
  • Harira (traditional chick-pea soup)
  • Pastilla (a filo pigeon or chicken pasty)

all cooked in the true tradition of the East. She also knows what children like, and cooks delicious chips for them …

We would appreciate your booking in advance, because our meals are only prepared with fresh produce from the market.

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