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Bab Boujloud Fez, blue gate

Bab Boujloud

Although it was built relatively recently in 1913, this nevertheless does not detract from the fact that it is an architectural wonder. It is the main entrance to the medina.

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Borj north

Built more recently than the southern one, it now houses a weapons museum, which brings together collections of bladed weapons and firearms dating from to prehistory to today. This latter also provides a clear view over the old city.

Borj south Fez

Borj South

This is a fortress built during the reign of the Saadian Sultan, Ahmed El Mansour Dehbi (1578-1609). It now houses a museum of small weapons. The borj provides a wonderful panoramic view over Fez el Bali.

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Dar Batha

This is an old house built between 1894-1909 by the Sultan, Moulay El Hassan, now converted into a museum of arts and traditions of Fez and the region.

Dar el Magana Fes

Dar El Magana

This is an hydraulic rolling ball clock dating from 1357, set on the Talaa Sghira, in a setting of sculpted wood and plaster.

Debbaghine, Fez tanneries


Not far from Place Seffarine, the characteristic odour guides you to the tanners; a quarter where craftsmen carry out their special kind of work.

Souk El Attarine

Souk El Attarine

This is the spice souk. It is unquestionably the most colourful market in Fez.

Souk El Henna

Souk El Henna

This is a small secluded square planted with trees where you can find all sorts of natural beauty products, including henna.

Medina Fez el Jedid

Fes El Jedid

A palace complex found in the north of the city and built by the Merinids in the Thirteenth Century to serve as a residence for the princes of that dynasty. Fez El Jedid comprises the royal palace which stretches over seventy hectares.

Mosque El Karaouiyine - Quarouiyne Fez

The EL Karaouiyine (Quarouiyne) Mosque

Founded in 862 by the Muslim woman, Fatima El Fihris, who came from Quairouan. This is the oldest university in the Arab and Islamic spheres and indeed in the world (before Oxford and the Sorbonne). Fourteen gates provide access into the university, which has a precious library enriched by its 30,000 volumes.

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Medersa Attarine

This is a Koranic school built in 1923 by the Merinid Sultan, Abou Said, the decoration of which is exquisite.

Medersa Bou Inania Fez

Medersa Bou Inania

This is an Islamic university built between 1350 and 1357 by the Merinid Sultan, Abou Inane, the architecture of which is a masterpiece of Moorish art.

Medina Fez El Bali

Medina Fes El Bali

This is one of the largest medinas in Morocco and the most fascinating. It was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1976. Its maze of alleyways leads to a multitude of historical marvels and souks (markets).

Fountain Nejjarine

Place & fountain Nejjarine

This small square takes its name from the cabinet-makers who occupy the shops in the quarter. A pretty fountain made entirely of decorated zeliges (mosaic) and a pediment in sculpted wood embellishes the square. There is an old Foundouk (guest house) which today has been converted into a museum, where some marvels of art trace the history of wood in Morocco.

Place Seffarine Fez

Square Seffarine

This is a pretty, shaded square where the sounds of copper being fashioned by the workers ring out.

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